Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 1 of 8: Breath

The first, and therefore most essential pattern, is breath. You can survive weeks without food and days without water, but only minutes, or even seconds, without air.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 2 of 8: Hydration

There are many symptoms of dehydration, because a lack of water impacts everything in your body. Are you hungry, despite eating recently?

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 3 of 8: Nutrition

Our modern world has made eating far more complicated than it needs to, and has become a point of confusion for many people. There is no mystery: Eat healthful foods in sensible quantities.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 4 of 8: Strength

Strength is not only the ability to move against forces, it’s also an important factor in control, stabilization and power.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 5 of 8: Conditioning

For decades the assumption has been that performing monotonously at a medium pace for a long time is a great way to burn fat; however, the more current research shows that this is not necessarily true.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 6 of 8: Flexibility

Doing a minute of bouncing around and grunting at the beginning, and then skipping it outright at the end is definitely not helping you. Healthy joints that perform efficient movements require a balance of strength and flexibility.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 7 of 8: Focus

Set aside a few minutes each day to experience something sensuous, or to allow your mind to wander. It isn’t good for your focus to always be so focused. You really do need to take your lunch break.

Eight Patterns of Fitness, part 8 of 8: Rest

Sleep, fasting between meals, time between sets during exercise sessions, days between training, personal time, play: All of these (and more) are opportunities to give yourself the ability to process and recover from all the living you do.

“Jack is the Alton Brown of exercise. You know, the chef that not only tells you tips and tricks of cooking, but WHY they work – the science behind it all. In my time working with him I was equipped with the knowledge to achieve my goals and maintain them. Proper technique in the gym and proper nutrition in the kitchen are the basics to Jack’s goal of helping you live your best life. I am a better and healthier person because of his coaching. Your life will be better for it!”

Clay Smith

“Jack’s wholistic approach towards life’s journey of body, mind, spirit in nutrition and proper movement and training is incomparable to others in the industry.”

Ron Lancaster

#TakeHotterSelfies: Dysmorphic Disorder Last night I was going through old selfies to measure my fitness progress. And some of those selfies were really, really truly fantastic. But with Dysmorphic Disorder, you really can't see that about yourself.
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Thou shalt be my right hand And yea thou I walk through the valley of gains, my right arm shall be a plague unto my last nerve. And verily, if your arm offend cut it off.
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Fitness Challenge Update: Week 8 Watch my transformation as I use my own program to prepare for a fitness photo shoot to mark my 42nd birthday. I will grade myself with A-F for breath, hydration, nutrition, strength, conditioning, flexibility, focus, and rest.
Goal for 6/22/18: ...

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Of The Eight Patterns in this program, Focus is the least defined. It’s just as important as all the others, yet it can be the pattern most people forget. At INTEGRE8T Wellness, the practice of Focus takes many forms. However, the ones I’d like to draw your attention to here are goal setting and visualization. As your mobile personal trainer, one of my most important tasks is creating a fitness and wellness program that addresses these in particular.

What do you want to achieve? Be specific. Do you see yourself already succeeding at it? I believe very strongly that you can draw inspiration from imagining the results you want to create. I know you can realize your goals with consistent motivation. I look forward to being your mobile personal trainer and encouraging you through the long term process of commitment, discipline, and growth.


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