Hi, I’m Jack!

My name is Jack Kirven, and I’m a Wellness Coach in Charlotte, NC with 18 years experience as a teacher, personal trainer, and writer. It would be my privilege to take this journey with you!

“Jack’s wholistic approach towards life’s journey of body, mind, spirit in nutrition and proper movement and training is incomparable to others in the industry.”

Ron Lancaster

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Jack is the Alton Brown of exercise. You know, the chef that not only tells you tips and tricks of cooking, but WHY they work – the science behind it all. In my time working with him I was equipped with the knowledge to achieve my goals and maintain them. Proper technique in the gym and proper nutrition in the kitchen are the basics to Jack’s goal of helping you live your best life. I am a better and healthier person because of his coaching. Your life will be better for it!

Clay Smith


Of The Eight Patterns in this program, Focus is the least defined (yet it’s just as important as all the others). At INTEGRE8T Wellness, the practice of Focus takes many forms. However, the ones I’d like to draw your attention to here are goal setting and visualization.

What do you want to achieve? Be specific. Do you see yourself already succeeding at it? I believe very strongly that you can draw inspiration from imagining the results you want to create. I also believe you can achieve these goals with consistent motivation. I want to encourage you through the long term process of commitment, discipline, and growth. With time, your investment will pay dividends!

Build Community

To maintain this focus, it’s also helpful to connect with like-minded people who support and share your work ethic. If you want to be part of a Facebook group where we exchange humor, inspiration, encouragement, ideas, and motivation, please visit Health & Wellness. It’s a forum where we can connect each other to the discoveries we’ve made for ourselves that become helpful to others. Whether it be articles, products, memes, or videos, the resources at Health & Wellness can improve your quality of living.

Welcome to INTEGRE8T Wellness!

Jack Kirven, MFA ISSA NASM
Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
Charlotte, NC

Welcome to INTEGRE8T Wellness!
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