The 8 Patterns of Fitness

Wellness and fitness are interconnected. This page briefly describes the components of Physical Wellness that form the basis of this program, and suggests how they are all woven together. All of these patterns influence the balance or imbalance in the others, so be sure to address all of them as you build a healthy lifestyle. I help people make gradual improvements to each of these, so that longterm habits have a chance to take hold.

Pattern 1: Breath

Pattern 2: Hydration

Pattern 3: Nutrition

You may hear people suggest that you eat six small meals each day, but you are an individual with specific needs.  Medical doctors say this generalized advice may not be appropriate for your goals. When you eat, insulin is released. It stores energy. If you are always eating, you never stop releasing insulin, so you’ll never stop storing energy. Also, eating small meals means you may never reach satiation, and might never feel content. This pervasive sense of hunger can encourage binging, and that can undermine the whole point of grazing throughout the day. Allow time between meals, so that your body has a chance to use the calories it has stored. Snack some when you need to, but the six meal patterns are often better for those who wish to gain weight, not lose it. Learn more about nutrition.

Pattern 4: Strength

Pattern 5: Conditioning

Pattern 6: Flexibility

Pattern 7: Focus

Pattern 8: Rest

I highly recommend that you read “Why is Sleep So Important to Your Mental and Physical Health?” It’s a highly informative article by Jim Dillan of Helen Sanders curated it for, and it beautifully summarizes the most salient points about the benefits of getting appropriate sleep (as well as the risk factors of having too much or too little). The lists and graphics make this densely informative synopsis an easily digestible learning tool.

Bear in mind that rest also applies to taking days off from work, programming non-exercise days into your regimen, pausing the right amount of time between sets, and spending time with your favorite people and pets. Rest is the only time we heal and grow. If you do not rest as well as you work, you will eventually fall apart. And that’s the truth. Learn more about rest.

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