During your 60-minute evaluation, we will get acquainted as I learn more about your past habits, your current situation, and the goals you want to achieve.

Is losing body fat and/or gaining muscle what you want? Do you want to be flexible enough to play with your grandchild, or conditioned enough to hike in the mountains? Perhaps you want to implement better eating habits, or need help with coping strategies for stress. How about all the above?

We’ll be incorporating 8 progressional patterns: Breath, Hydration, Nutrition, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Focus, and Rest. I’ll customize your in-home wellness lifestyle by focusing on your goals and how you can safely and efficiently make long term choices to be healthy for years to come.

8 Patterns, Infinite Progress

Have you noticed the infinity symbol in the logo? Tip the 8 over on its side, and you get ∞. There’s perpetual connection between the 8 patterns, and they create progressions that lead to infinite progress.

#BeTheChange: Flex5

For those who would prefer to train away from home, I can now offer coaching at a luxurious Uptown studio. Flex5 offers one-on-one coaching and group classes for conditioning, strength training, and yoga. On staff there is also an acupuncture specialist, a massage and Reiki therapist, a personal chef, and professionals who are certified in charka alignment therapies such as aromatherapy. The trainers are nationally certified, and the space is absolutely gorgeous. The gym rooms are stocked with the larger and heavier equipment that I cannot bring to your home, and there are showers on site with towel service. To learn more about how I can coach you in this resort spa, or to schedule a tour of the space, please click here.