Charlotte Restaurants

I will eventually place several neighborhood eateries throughout Charlotte in this directory, because my goal is to make sure that no matter where you are in the city, you can find restaurants that serve healthier options. This is part of my Dishing Out, Lunching In project. My wish is to help people understand better how to make choices, so they don’t undermine their fitness and wellness goals. Please feel free to meet me in person when I offer lecture demonstrations at the participating locations on this page.

I am going to focus on restaurants that aren’t billed as specialty health-conscious options, since there’s no point in my going to a vegan salad bar. Everything there is probably already a safe bet. I want to look at places where the choices are a bit less obvious. I am not guaranteeing that the options are perfect for any particular diet (e.g. Paleo, Atkins, Whole 30, etc.); however, I am promising to look closely at what the meals include. I will steer you toward the options that offer the best nutritional density when taken as a whole.

Oh, and one more point: All these places are local. Visiting these businesses keeps your money here in our own neighborhoods. Many of them also use products from nearby farms. You can invest in your health, fitness, and community all at once!

Look for the Infinity stamp of approval

Integre8t Wellness is located in CharlotteHow will you know which options to choose? We’ve made it easy for you! The proprietors let me put my stamp of approval on them. There is a stylized infinity symbol in my logo, and I use it in my branding all over the place. That little mark will be on display next to the meals that I think benefit your progress the most, so that you can focus more time on enjoying your meal instead of selecting it!

Plaza Midwood

The Peculiar Rabbit


Integre8t Wellness has selected healthier options for The Peculiar Rabbit menuThe Peculiar Rabbit, The Rabbit Hole, and Jackalope Jacks Sports Bar are Charlotte’s #1 destination for all things entertainment! Live music, dancing, and comedy at the Rabbit Hole, fine dining and private event catering from the Peculiar Rabbit, or football, soccer, karaoke, and trivia nights at Jackalope Jacks — all located in the vibrant Plaza Midwood area.
Experience cocktails or an amazing weekend brunch with the best rooftop view in town at the Peculiar Rabbit, grab a pitcher and catch the big game at Jackalope Jacks Sports Bar & Restaurant, and dance to the hottest music and light shows at the Rabbit Hole. We have something for absolutely everyone!

South Charlotte

Homemade Fresh Chef Service (coming soon)