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Steroids: My humble opinion

First and foremost I would like to say that steroids, for me, are not a moral issue. Unless you’re a professional athlete and you’re agreeing to a certain set of rules, I don’t really think that steroid use is anybody else’s business. Although I personally do not use them (and wouldn’t tell other people to use them), you have to think about what your personal goals are, what your values are. Some people take them, and some people don’t. What is really most important is that you think about the consequences.


Temptation & Goals

I have been tempted to use steroids many times, I’m going to be honest about it. But every time I was right on the verge of telling a friend “Go get them for me,” I stopped myself, and I asked the question, “How will this affect not only my fitness, but also my wellness?” For me, this is the broader concept, and actually more aligned to my personal goal. This choice is specifically an issue concerning cause and effect, as well as action and consequence. However, I’m also not going to dismiss somebody’s experience simply because they do use them.

Most people generally associate recreational use with vanity or ego, so I would suggest that you focus first on wellness, and let the sexy flow from a place of health. Really, the only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person you were yesterday. It’s hard, but try to avoid comparing your Chapter One to somebody else’s Chapter 20.

Also, one final point: You should make sure you are comparing apples to apples, if you do compare yourself. If you are not using steroids, there is really no point comparing your results to someone else’s, unless they also are not taking steroids. (If you want a recipe to create your own muscle building stack with ingredients that are not steroids, you can find the components here.)


Quick Summary

  1. Steroids are not a moral issue, unless you are a professional athlete who agrees not to use them; or if you have set yourself up as a role model who does not use them, and you do, which then confuses other people about what their results should be.
  2. If you are going to consider using steroids, educate yourself (10 Pros and Cons of Steroid Use). Understand that there is cause and effect and that there are actions and consequences.
  3. I do not recommend using them, unless a physician prescribes them.
  4. Vanity and ego can get in your way. Fitness is only one part of your wellness, so be sure to consider the broader picture.
  5. If you do compare yourself to other people, make sure that whoever you are looking at is in the same situation you are.

Now that I have clarified my position on this, I’d like to remind you that every choice you make affects your broader wellness. If you enjoyed this video, please click the “like” button. I love new subscribers too. I hope you’ll consider sharing this entry with others, and do come visit my homepage soon!

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