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Please remember to consult with a doctor before taking supplements. They are part of a healthful diet and regular exercise program, and unless otherwise instructed by a physician, they should not be used to replace meals.

Suggested Supplements

Here are some suggested supplements that can improve your quality of life and help you along your wellness journey. They all contribute in some way to supporting your healthy lifestyle. As a personal trainer and wellness coach, I have bought these specific supplements, and some of them I group together in the stacking recipes I mentioned on the blog. I feature them, because they have helped me personally. If you want to know my reasoning behind each suggestion, you can click the link to the blog entry review I wrote for each of them.

Protein Supplements

Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Powder Isolate

Let’s be real: Lots of these powders are flat out nasty. I have tried so many, and this brand is the most pleasant and the most pure. It mixes well, and the flavor isn’t too sweet or too chalky. This is the one I have preferred for a few years now, and I have made great gains using it. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Fat Burning Stack

The recipe of suggested supplements included in this article will address various means of increasing your metabolism to burn calories before they are stored as fat, as well as accessing or using stored body fat and preventing it from being stored in the first place.

Of course, there are other health benefits of consuming foods with caffeine, green tea, carnitine, CLA and omega fatty acids that go beyond the intention of this fat burning stack; however, one of the benefits of stacking is getting the concentrated fat burning affects without consuming the extra calories in the foods that contain them.

Use one ingredient from each function to test your tolerance levels and to create the combination that works best for you.

Releasing Fat

This part of the stack encourages the fat cells beneath your skin to empty their contents, thus becoming smaller and taking up less space. The two most scientifically studied substances for this are caffeine and yohimbe. Please remember that there is already caffeine and carnitine in the muscle building stack. Do not add more of them if you are doing both muscle building and fat burning stacks simultaneously. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Boosting Metabolism

Once you purge from your fat cells, you need to burn it or else you could store it again. Boosting your metabolism will force your body to use the accessible energy it has at the ready. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Transporting Fat

Freeing fat from storage allows you to use more of it; however, even with an increased metabolism, you may not burn it all. To burn it, fat has to be transported into the mitochondria of your cells. They then use it for energy. L-Carnitine is an important transporter of fat into the nuclei of cells. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Blocking Fat

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) inhibits the fat cells under your skin from storing excess fat in the first place. Another benefit of CLA is that it not only inhibits the storage of fat, it also contributes to burning more fat. It is part of the group of good fats called omega-6 fatty acids. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Accessing Genes

Fish oil capsules are a concentrated dose of omega-3 fatty acid. It works for fat loss by activating genes that regulate fat burning while also deactivating genes that regulate fat storage. The article and chart names fish oil; however, since I published that blog, I have learned that Krill Oil has all the same benefits, but is far more sustainable for the environment. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Muscle Building Stack

The recipe of suggested supplements included in this article will address energy and focus, strength gains, protein supplementation, and protecting hard-won muscles from breaking down.

Energy & Focus

Note: These components of this stack can give you the jitters or induce aggression. If you contend with anxiety or other conditions that are exacerbated by caffeine, you will need to avoid these. Please remember that there is already caffeine and carnitine in the fat burning stack. Do not add more of them if you are doing both muscle building and fat burning stacks simultaneously. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Protein & Amino Acids

Protein is the building block of muscle. You must have it. Your own dietary restrictions and preferences will dictate which products you will add into your stack. Whey is the best option. The only plants I am aware of that are truly complete proteins are quinoa and soy.

Also, you will need to decide if you want your stack to provide calories or not. If you are keeping your calories controlled, you will not want to add protein itself, but its components (amino acids). If you use a protein powder, these products usually already contain Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), so you will not need to add more to your stack. Check your protein’s label for more information. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Once you have invested all this effort and work, you’ll want to make sure your gains are protected. When your body doesn’t have enough calories, or if it senses your muscles are either unnecessary or too expensive calorically, it will break muscle fibers back down for energy. This process is called catabolization. To avoid this, you can add anti-catabolization ingredients to your stack. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Herbs & Spices

Throughout human history, plants have been one of our primary sources of nutrition and medicine. In addition to all these traditional cultural applications of herbs and spices, modern science is unraveling how ancient medicines work. When you click through to learn more about each of these spices, you will find articles I have researched to explain in plain English the mechanisms that cause the biological reactions that give us relief.


Ginger has been used for cooking and medicine for thousands of years. It has commonly been used to relieve nausea and vomiting, but it can also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce joint pain. This indicates ginger has good value as a natural anti-inflammatory. Learn more about this suggestion.

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Gymnema: Crave Crush

Gymnema acts very effectively to block your ability to taste sweetness. It doesn’t affect salty, savory, bitter, or sour flavors, so you can eat it with normal food. It prevents the feeling of pleasure and gratification that sugar causes in the brain, and stops the process of addiction from repeating. Learn more about this suggestion.

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