Welcome to the INTEGRE8T Wellness vlog feed! Here you will the list for my YouTube channel, so all the videos from that channel are in chronological order here. If you prefer to view the content by topic, I have playlists that organize the entries into different categories and groupings. The vlog covers a wide variety of material. Some of it is more explanatory, and other portions are demonstration based.

Vlog Feed Mission

As of May 2017, my idea is to have sub-channels for vlog feed playlists for workouts, recipes, personal stories, philosophy and position statements, interviews with content experts, and other ideas. I will explain my own goals, and I will be able to demonstrate my progress. I also have a lifetime of observations concerning body image, self esteem, goal setting, and perseverance. The idea is that the posts on this site will be practical, inspirational, personal, conversational, and educational.


I am a strong advocate of taking a wholistic approach to wellness. The eight patterns of fitness are Breath, Hydration, Nutrition, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, Focus, and Rest; however, these look primarily at the physical body. We are more complex than that, so many of my vlog posts will address the eight patterns of wellness. These address the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Psychological, Social, Sexual, Spiritual, and Financial components of our lives, which are intrinsically connected to each other like a web. Plucking one part of the web creates reverberations throughout the whole.


It is very important to me to demonstrate that people in their middle years can still be fit. In 2016 I turned 40 years old. My SPORTY 40 vlog feed sub-channel will showcase how I have been able to maintain physical vigor and youthful vitality well beyond my teens and twenties. Also, for those who enjoy them, I plan to include FLEXCERPTS on this channel. Some viewers get motivation and inspiration by seeing results, so I will make little videos to show the pump my sessions give me.


All of this will have more value if people know me better as a person. Another vlog feed sub-channel I plan to create is called STR8 TALK. Obviously the 8 is a branding reference; however, there is also some snark built into this. Rampant homophobia is still an issue in many sporting contexts, so it is also important to me that people appreciate the abilities of LGBTQ athletes. With this in mind, straight becomes an ironic double or triple entendre. Yes, I will speak frankly about my experiences and observations, but I will do it from my perspective, and I will often include thoughts about my favorite topics. These pressing concerns will generally focus on arts and culture; dance and theatre; language, poetry and fiction; personal stories; The Kitty Consortium; diamonds; aesthetics; chocolate; and, most importantly, Janet Jackson.


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  •   Jack is very knowledgeable and inspiring. He helps set clear and attainable goals. If you want to learn how to develop great nutrition habits and a great exercise regimen then he is the guy to go to. You will see amazing results.

    thumb Allen Davis
  •   Very well adept to his workout routines. Excellent physical condition and quite handsome

    thumb David Slaven
  •   Jack cares about nutrition, fitness, and overall YOU! He cares about his clients, and makes individualized programs to lead you to your best. Highly recommended.

    thumb Erica Rebollar
  •   I'm not one to promote/endorse anything, but I have to shout out to my personal trainer Jack. He is amazing. I never thought that I could manage working full-time, grad school, adulting, and finding time to exercise, but I have and it's thanks to him. I am the LAZIEST human on the planet, but he keeps me motivated during my workouts, and I actually want to do better each day. Thanks sir, for getting me off the couch and in the gym.

    thumb Jon Wheeler
  •   Jack's dedication to his own development is inspirational. What surprised me was how that enthusiasm caught on with me too!

    thumb Adam Hempling-Lunter
  •   Jack's wholistic approach towards life's journey of body, mind, spirit in nutrition and proper movement and training is incomparable to others in the industry.

    thumb Ron Lancaster
  •   I call Jack the Alton Brown of health. Like the famed chef, Jack not only instructs you on proper form and nutrition, but WHY you should do so. Jack equipped me with the tools to make lasting life changes. Work with Jack, you'll be delighted you did! 😉

    thumb Delighted Tobehere
  •   It's a struggle to lose weight. Integre8t Wellness is a complete program. It's more than just counting calories it's a lifestyle. Jack kept me honest, especially when I wanted to give up and/or cheat. I recommend him to all my friends.

    thumb Sanna Kirven Cowie
  •   Jack knows more about nutrition, fitness, and total wellness than anyone I've ever met. His coaching doesn't just change your health - it changes your life. If you're looking for a wellness coach, look no further. His services are hands down worth every penny.

    thumb Valerie Rasmussen
  •   This is just such a wise, kind, helpful, smart, and very very sexy young man who knows his business and makes no judgements. A really good guy!

    thumb Brian Friend Kmak
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