I create healthy lifestyles.

I provide wellness coaching and personal training to people who are unable, unwilling, or uncomfortable going to appointments, group classes, or gyms. Since I come to your home (or another location if you prefer), you’ll enjoy the convenience and privacy of making progress in your own space. You can benefit from personal training and wellness coaching, even if you want to do it from home!

Rather than making multiple appointments and paying multiple fees for diet plans, exercise regimes, and other services, you can address them all simultaneously and conveniently at home while also saving money! You’ll also save money by avoiding unused gym memberships. I can teach you accountability, so you will achieve long term, consistent progress. You will also understand how to maintain your results.

If these sound familiar, you can benefit!

I'm ready to level up

Variety is the spice of life. You need to switch up your diet to get all the nutrition your body needs, but you also benefit when you reinvent your workouts from time to time. If you’ve reached a plateau, I’ve got some ideas that could help you reach your goals!

I think gyms are dirty

They are. They’re filthy for the most part, and many germs and diseases thrive on the impermeable surfaces and sweat throughout a gym. They will never get sanitized enough to make them hygienic, and being in an enclosed space increases chances for flus, colds, and other illnesses. There is also a very high risk of getting MRSA. Being at home can definitely be a benefit.

I get distracted or delayed in gyms

There’s a lot at gyms to pull your focus away from your work. Chatting between sets will undermine your results. Some people dislike crowds. I don’t like the noise and churning activity all around me. Others don’t want to share equipment. Commuting, parking, and waiting for equipment creates time constraints. Have me come over, and all that goes away.

I get undesired attention

Sometimes people feel harassed at gyms or group classes. It can be very frustrating if you are trying to focus on your session and someone is interrupting you. Whether it be others wanting to chat, unwanted flirtation or advances, or potential confrontation, some people prefer to work out in private simply to feel safe and/or focused enough to get their activity done.

I'm a total newbie

Everyone has to start at the beginning. If you’re at step one, then CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING THE CHOICE TO GET WELL!! This is not something to be ashamed or meek about.

You have made a very important decision, and now you need information. You’re wise to look for help. Just as I need help and hire professionals to fix my plumbing or my car, it’s natural for you to hire a wellness professional. My knowledge can benefit you. Welcome to a new world!

I find gyms and/or group classes intimidating

Many times people who want to improve their wellness are discouraged from even starting. Beginners tend to find gyms aggressive or intimidating. I will train you without judgment in the privacy of your own space. This process is your own personal journey, and comparing your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20 makes no sense. You do you. Let them do them. Concentrate on yourself. By the way: I think you’re fantastic!

I'm homebound

If you cannot leave your home to go to the gym or to enjoy the outdoors, it may be difficult for you to get enough exercise in general. Whether you are recovering from illness, injury, or immobility, I am more than happy to create sessions for you that are appropriate to your needs. If you already have a prescribed program from a Physical Therapist and simply want guidance and accountability getting through it, I am completely comfortable working within the parameters of your regime. I hope you get well soon!

I'm always in pain

Integre8t Wellness recognizes that you’re a whole person, and that every facet of your lifestyle impacts your well being. In many instances, activity of some kind can benefit your body and reduce pain. From gentle exercises and stretches that can be done in bed to help you start the morning, to learning how to properly move throughout the day, you can learn to manage your symptoms by way of properly breathing, drinking, eating, stretching, moving, resting, and meditating.